The key to superior returns from the market is to hold an accurate, but divergent view from the consensus.

How does this statement sound ? I made it up myself :). This is something, an overpaid consultant would say to his or her client !!

Let me now put it in common English – If you want to make high returns, you need to think differently. If you follow the crowd, you will only make average returns.

I enjoy trying to question the consensus and see if I can hold and act on a divergent view. Here are some of my contrarian thoughts, most of which may turn out to be incorrect (the consensus would be right). Even if you do not agree with them, just give them a thought.

Now is the time to invest
India has been the toast of the world community for the last 5+ years. We have a young demographic, growing population and educated work force …blah blah blah.  Almost everyone thought,  that we could do no wrong (us included). As a result, the stock market took off in the last few years and the valuations reflected the optimism.

The view now is that India is fast turning into a basket case, where nothing can and will be done right. I personally think, that reality is somewhere in the middle. The optimism in the past was overdone and so has been the pessimism. The stock market valuations now reflect the pessimism and more.

I personally don’t like what is happening with our government, but I don’t let feelings influence my investing decisions which should be based on company specific facts and valuations.

Government PSU’s are not bad investments
My previous post on mining companies may have given you an impression that I hate these kinds of companies and would avoid any PSU. In addition, recent incidents such as the recent decision on gas pricing or the recent directive from the finance ministry to banks to cut interest rates, can only re-enforce this view point.

I am not dogmatic about these things – there are no hard and fast rules or likes and dislikes in investing. It is all about the quality of the company and more importantly the price. If the pessimism keeps increasing , the prices may become very attractive and I may end up investing even in PSU stocks.

Consumption stocks are over-rated
I know this statement is going to make some of you feel very uncomfortable and even annoyed !. At the same time, if you invest in a company based on some kind of simplistic ‘story’ , then you may be in for a negative surprise.

The stock market tends to get into these stories from time to time. It was the IT stocks in 2000, infrastructure and real estate in 2007-2008, Indian growth story from 2004-2010 and now the so called consumption stocks

The typical turn of events is quite standard – Some stocks do well.  Investors start noticing the performance and start bidding up the price of these stocks.

A story is then woven around these stocks with a plausible reasoning behind it (India needs X amount of housing and hence real estate companies will do well). Any stock which can fit into the story, sees a rise in valuations (justified or not). Finally, the valuations run up too high or some part of the story is discredited and the stock price drops.

Will it happen this time? I don’t know. Let’s see how this story plays out.

US markets are a good place to invest
The conventional wisdom is that developed markets are a bad place to invest, due to all the macro –economic problems in these countries.  As a result, large and established companies such as Microsoft are selling at throwaway valuations.

For example, Microsoft with an annual free cash flow of around 22 Billion dollar and excess cash of almost 58 Billion on its balance sheet, is selling for around 10-11 times earnings. This is for a company with a huge moat and expected growth of around 7-8% per annum. There are several such companies in the US and other markets  available at very attractive valuations.

Will my contrarian thoughts turn out to be true? I don’t know, but I am betting some part of my money on these beliefs. At the prices i am getting, I don’t have to be 100% right to get a decent return on my investment.

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