Let me share some actual data, without sharing the name of the company initially

One year return = 69%
5 year return = 75% CAGR

I don’t know about others, but in my universe this kind of performance is something to kill for. At the same time, one has to be insane to expect this kind of growth forever. If one my positions were to deliver this kind of performance, I will consider myself lucky (not smart). However I would not run around looking for such companies prospectively as they are like shooting stars – be glad you saw one (or hold one), but do not sit on your terrace forever waiting for one.

If an investor has an investing lifetime of 30+ years, even a 20% return will make him or her insansely rich. A 75% per annum return for 30 years ? look at the numbers below for comparison

1 lac becomes 2.37 Crs after compounding at 20% for 30 years
1 lac becomes 1,95,497 Crs after compounding at 75% for 30 years

However investors keep chasing these shooting stars

capture 1

And what happens, when they are disappointed, even temporarily?

capture 2

So what is the name of this mystery company? Its symphony limited

Below is the chart of the company for 5 years


The madness of growth

Is the name even important? This is not a one off case. Look for any company – good, bad or ugly. If the company shows a couple of quarter of growth, the stock price shoots up with no link to valuation, quality or sanity.

On the other hand if the music stops, even for 1-2 quarters, the response is brutal. The herd which rushed in blindly, now heads for the exit.

I don’t think this can be called investing – it’s a mad hunt for growth.

For the slowpokes like me, it is better to just sit and watch. The risk here is that the retail investor will again repeat the same lessons of the past – Buy high and sell low.

Added note: I have taken symphony limited as an example. I am not discussing the merit of this company as an investment. I may or may not hold this stock in my portfolio. The warning holds – if I discuss about gold, real estate or goat, I may or may not be buying or selling it. So please do your homework if you plan to buy anything discussed here, including the goat!

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