I have received several requests for my company level valuation template. Instead of responding individually to each of the request, I am posting it in the ‘My analysis worksheet section’ (see here)

The company level analysis worksheet is still a work in progress and I will keep uploading updated versions in the future. I use this worksheet as I detailed it here in an earlier post, for a detailed analysis of a company once it has passed through the basic filters.

I am also uploading the worksheet which I created for gujarat gas limited in 2003 (see here). I have since then, bought and liquidated my holding. I will upload more of such worksheets in the future.

In addition, I am also posting a quantitative worksheet. This worksheet has some quantitative analysis of the relationship between PE, ROC and Competitive advantage period. It has a similar analysis of the relationship between FCF (free cash flow), ROE and depreciation (see here)

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