US is in recession, Rupee is going to appreciate, wage cost is increasing, IT industry is doomed over,gone  ..ok I am exaggerating. This was roughly the view just 1 month back.

I was running a few filters around that time, a lot of IT midcaps came up in the list. Some of these companies were 500 Crs+ companies selling at 2-3 times PE and 3-4 year lows. I listed a few ideas here. Since then there has been a complete change in the outlook.

The initial runup in the stocks seemed to be a correction of over-reaction in the prices. However as soon as Infosys and other results started coming out, there seems to be panic buying happening. Stocks like NIIT tech have gone up from 90 to 135, patni from 200 to around 280. So most of the IT midcaps have seen a 30-40% runup.

So whats the point, you may ask. Well I have always had a dilemma. Once I figure out that a sector or stock is undervalued, how fast should I react in building up a position ?

Based on this episode with IT midcaps, a big position,quickly would make sense. However that is a retrospective approach based on after the fact. Most of my picks go into a coma for quite some time and I typically analyse the stock further in detail for months together and build my position over the course of a few months. This approach helps as I am able to average down my cost, get a better understanding and build a decent position.

However this approach fails me in sudden runups. However in view of my overall time constraints and my need to do a detailed analysis, I prefer to take my time and build my positions. I would rather lose a few quick gains than compromise on my approach and repent later for sloppy analysis.

In case you are wondering, I did build a  position in NIIT tech and Patni computers around the major lows. This was however pure luck. It is quite possible that the opinions may change again and the prices may drop back again. Unfortunately I have no abilities to predict the future and do not follow an approach based on one. The downside to the run-up is that these stocks are no longer compelling no-brainers at current prices.

As an aside, I am seeing articles popping up saying capital goods and real estate sector are overpriced and IT seems to be undervalued. Now you tell me !!

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