Stock tips – I do not believe in giving or receiving it. My approach is to analyse a stock and post the facts and my opinions. I would leave it to the reader to accept or reject my analysis. It is upto the reader to take a decision to buy or avoid the stock. I don’t even recommend stocks to my friends and family. If they make money based on my tip its because they were smart to take my advise. If they lose, I am to be blamed for the stupid tip. So either way it’s a no win proposition for me.

Price targets – I don’t believe in them. It is difficult enough to analyse a company and arrive at the intrinsic value. I think it close to impossible to predict when the market would close the valuation gap. So price targets are basically guesses and my guess is as good as anyone else. I am personally not selling a research report and don’t need to satisfy anyone’s need for a predicition. So better not to predict the unpredictable

Market, interest rate, and other short term prediction – No different than trying to predict stock prices. Only more difficult if not impossible

Analysis of gold, real estate, option etc – I do not have sufficient skills to do justice to these topics. Maybe options in the future, but I doubt gold and real estate.

Reviews or sales pitch – This blog is more of a personal interest. The ads you see are contextual ads from google.

Net Net , this blog is an expression of my personal passion – investing and all things about it. I have no interest in selling anything and if I do manage to make some money from sponsorship – well that will hopefully pay for my coffee 🙂

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