No, I have not been wishing that or whining about it. I have heard several of my friends wish that they had done that. Short of knowing the future, it would have been impossible to time the market that well.

I too have losses due to the market drop. However I am not dissapointed or wishing otherwise. It has nothing to do with being brave and more to do with being rational based on my approach.

 This is how I construct my portfolio. I typically start buying at or below prices, which are  50% of conservatively calculated intrinsic value. Ofcourse at the peak in Jan, most my holdings had gone up (in some cases too fast) . However they were still trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. Hence I saw no reason to sell my stocks. However as they were above 50% discount levels, I was not doing any major buying too. As a result, after creating a small position in some stocks, I was doing nothing and just twidling thumbs.

Now with the market crash several of my holdings are below the 50% discount mark. There are quite a few new opportunities coming up too. So I have now started accumulating stocks which I had analysed in the past, but the price was not attractive enough.

So the point is this – If you felt the stocks in your portfolio in jan were not overvalued enough to be sold then, they should even more attractive now. If you did not sell then, thinking that they were not overpriced, you should buying more now. Ofcourse this assumes that the fundamentals have not deteriorated suddenly.

If however you are pessimistic about the stock after a 30-40% drop, then you need to do some honest thinking. Either your analysis was wrong or the current pessimism is getting to you.

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