Twitter is supposed to be a microblogging tool. It is like  be cross between an SMS and a blog. This tool allows you to post entries (tweets ?) of about 140 characters.  So one can use this to post or inform others about what you are doing, thinking etc almost on a real time basis

I originally thought that this tool would be a waste of time for me. However I read a few posts on this tool and have seen some other bloggers use this tool to communicate and discuss topics which are of interest but too short for a post.

So I have decided to give twitter a shot. You can follow me on twitter here. So what am I planning to write about ?

My initial thought is to post on interesting books, articles or posts I have read. I also plan to write on various developments in the business world and my thoughts on the same.

In the past, I would have a quick opinion on something, but found a post too long for it and in addition I was not wanting to clog my archives. I tend to post on a topic which interests me and after I have done some analysis or thinking on it.

It is still an experiment and if I realise it is taking too much of time or there is not much value being added, I may discontinue it. What I will not be writing on twitter are real time updates of what I am doing …like drinking coffee, reading something etc etc. I have not desire of boring anyone to death 🙂

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