Analyst recommendations –

 Neutral – We are as clueless as you are about the future of the company, but I have to give some rating as I am being paid to do that.

 Hold – Same as neutral

 Buy –  Holy Cow !! The stock price has gone up recently. Now that the whole world knows that the company is doing well, we are recommending the stock. Doesn’t matter if the company is overpriced …that is your problem.

 Sell –  (The opposite of buy ..literally and figuratively) Oh @##!! ,  The whole world knows that the company has gone to the dogs. The stock price has dropped like a stone. Better cover my ****.

 Underweight or overweight – (Play of words) Means we are confused, but as we have to give some rating and have to generate some commision for the brokerage, sell a little or buy a little (we don’t care which, both will generate commisions for us)

 I have nothing against individuals, but the profession forces honest, intelligent people to indulge in smoke and mirrors and put out garbage.

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