I have been getting several questions of this type

– what should be my buying strategy ?
– Should I buy immediately or wait for the bottom?
– Is the price of stock ABC good for buying or should I wait?

I have very simple approach and answer to all the above questions (from my perspective)

Step 1: understand the company well. Have confidence on your analysis
Step 2: Evaluate intrinsic value. Be realisitic in your evaluation. Be neither too pessimistic or too optimistic
Step 3: check price. If selling below intrinsic value (I personally prefer 50% below intrinsic value, you can choose your own number), buy. Otherwise do nothing
Step 4 : Every quarter analyse the results of the company and check if your assumptions are still valid. Recalculate intrinsic value if required.

Personally I decide on the position size and then invest around 40-50% of the full position if the price meets my criteria in step3. The rest of the buying is done in the next couple of months.

This approach cuts both ways. In a rising market, I am unable to build a full position. In a bear market, I am able to average down on price. However while I am doing this I am not looking at the overall market levels or trying bottom fishing. I personally think bottom fishing is a futile exercise and a 5-10% difference in the price will not matter in the long run. If it does, then one is cutting it real close

Do not invest
There is caveat to the above suggestion. If you do not understand the company well, cannot evaluate the intrinsic value or do not have confidence on your analysis, please don’t invest. A bull market is forgiving and you may make money inspite of poor analysis. However a bear market is brutal. If you analyse a company incorrectly or do not have the confidence, the market will not bail you out.

Finally, if you ask for the all time best strategy – Create an SIP (systematic investment plan) on the index for the next 15 years and don’t disturb it.

What I am looking at now?
The market is moving pretty fast these days. As a result I have been reviewing my holdings and looking at new companies. As I plan to keep the total number of holdings fixed (more on that later), I am comparing new ideas with the exisiting ones. A new idea has to be more attractive than an exisiting one, to get into the portfolio (and push out the less attractive stock)

Some companies I am looking at
Lakshmi machine works
Ingersoll rand
ICSA (later)
SKF bearing
HTMT global (cash bargain)
Denso india
Sonata software
Torrent software

The above list is not a recommendation list. It is just a list of stocks I am looking at and may or may not invest in any one of them. I will post on stocks which I find attractive when I complete the analysis and am able to write a post on it.

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