Over the past few months I have modified my portfolio structure a bit. I have now divided my portfolio into two portions. The core portfolio, consists of companies where the intrinsic value is increasing and i have a higher level of confidence about the company. The other portion is more of a graham style portfolio. This consists of companies which are extremely cheap based on the various measures such as market cap less than cash on book, ultra low PE or market cap less than net current assets.

The core portfolio is a larger portion of my total portfolio and has companies, for which I have done a deeper and detailed analysis. The ‘graham‘ portfolio on the other hand consists of the ‘cheap’ ideas. These companies may not score high on corporate governance or may not be a great businesses, but they are insanely cheap.

The idea behind this ‘cheap’ stock portfolio is to take advantage of the large number of opportunities, which are coming up in the market now. Ofcourse the number of stocks I plan to hold in the ‘graham’ styled portfolio could be between 15-20 or even higher versus 10-12 in the core portfolio.

So why this disclosure?
I will post on such cheap companies as time permits. I am planning to add them under the category of ‘graham’ type stocks – cheap stocks, but not necessarily great companies.

This type of value investing is also called cigar butt investing and it was developed in 1920s by the dean of value investing – Benjamin graham. This type of investing is low risk, involves quite a bit of diversification and works best during bear markets.

So please don’t be surprised if I post on ‘not so great, but cheap’ companies. One can get decent returns from such a portfolio, provided you have adequate diversification.

Is the stock undervalued?
I am getting several comments and emails asking whether so and so stock looks cheap. The odds of a stock being cheap these days are very high. If you pick 10 stocks randomly, I bet 5 will be cheap. However the question most of us should be asking is not whether the stock is cheap, but whether one understands the company well enough and will have the emotional fortitude to withstand another 20% drop in the stock price.

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