I wrote in the previous post that I have changed my portfolio design and split it into two categories. The first group is the core portfolio which contains the long term ideas where the intrinsic value is increasing and I feel strongly about the long term prospects.
The second group called the graham portfolio, named after the dean of value investing – benjamin graham, will contain the statistically cheap stocks. These stocks are cheap by various measures such as PE ratio, Mcap less than net current assets etc.
I received the following question from manish and thought of replying to it via a post

Also I will be curious to know your strategies for these two portfolios. Will you be looking for a certain percentage of gain (say 50%) for Graham Style stocks and exit. I believe you will keep holding Core Portfolio forever (until business is intact).
The graham portfolio would be at best 20-25% of my total portfolio. The percentage is not fixed and will depend on the number of attractive ideas I can find.
I will not looking at a percentage gain to exit these stocks. For me the sell decision would be based on two factors – If the stock is selling at or 90% of intrinsic value I will sell the stock. In addition if the fundamentals deteriorate considerably or if the valuation gap does not close in 2-3 years, I may decide to bail out.
The holding period for the core portfolio could be longer as the intrinsic value of the companies is also growing. So unless the stock is grossly overpriced, I may continue holding a stock for some time.
Lesser analysis
In terms of analysis, I spend a considerable amount of time on the stocks in my core portfolio. However for the graham ideas, I am looking at cheap, obviously undervalued stocks and hence the extent of analysis would be less. I would be balancing the risk by diversifying more in the graham portfolio. The graham portfolio is an opportunistic reaction to the market crash.
An idea: HTMT Global
HTMT global is an IT/BPO company. Hinduja TMT (now called Hinduja ventures) demerged their IT/BPO business in 2006 and merged that into HTMT Global from Oct 2006.
HTMT global had a revenue of around 673 Crs in 2008 and a net profit of around 87.4 Crs. The company had a net profit margin on a consolidated basis of around 13% and an ROE of around 26% on invested capital. The total capital is around 823 Crs and a net cash of around 430 crs on the balance sheet (held in the subsidiary)
HTMT global on standalone basis (excluding subsidiaries) earned 367 Crs and a net profit of around 58.8 Crs. The company had a net margin of around 16% on a standalone basis. The lower margins on a consolidated basis is due to the Subsidiary ‘Affina’, which was turned around during the year.
Growth numbers are not representative as the demerger happened in the middle of 2007, however the company has been growing in excess of  30%.
The company is doing quite well and has been expanding the scope of its operation in terms of headcount, new clients etc. Athough the numbers are not comparable, the company has shown almost 50% growth per annum for the last 7 years (although from a small base – see pg 6 of annual report). The company has a cash of almost 470 crs (Q1 09) which has been earmarked for accquisitions and should add value to the company
The financials are quite good, with good free cash flow and a good dividend payout of almost 100%.
Finally the valuation is amazing. The company is being priced for less than cash on the books which means that the company worth more dead than alive
Hindujas control this company and are not know for corporate governance. In addition the credit crunch and recession could hurt the company’s growth. However in the long term this should increase the offshoring.
Unless you believe that the company is worth less than cash, you cannot justify the valuations. One likely reason for the crash in price is the sell-offs by FII’s.
I am still looking for more negatives on the company, but cannot find any. One has to keep in mind that the stock price is assuming worse than bankruptcy. Personally, I am looking at this stock for my Graham portfolio.

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