I have received a lot of emails and comments asking me about the composition of my portfolio. I have discussed most of the stocks, which form my holdings on the blog. It would be strange if I said a stock was attractive and went and bought something else. However there still seems to be quite a bit of curiosity.

I have decided to disclose my portfolio after multiple requests for the sake of transparency. I am uncomfortable discussing my portfolio and its performance on the blog as the key purpose of this blog is to share my learnings and not to provide tips or boast about my performance.
So here goes –

Some disclaimers
1. I am not recomending any stocks in this list. Please read the disclaimer at the end of my blog ..blah blah blah. You get the point
2. My portfolio is usually stable. But considering the way the market is dropping, it has become volatile not only in terms of value but in terms of holdings too. The problem now is not of finding undervalued stocks, but of picking the best among the undervalued ones. On top of that, with every crash, new ideas keep popping up. So this list will definitely change in the next few months
3. I am not obliged to disclose any stocks I add or drop in the future. I may or may not disclose what I buy or sell. So please do not buy based on this list below.
4. I am fine with a 70% success rate, i.e 7 out of 10 of my ideas working out. I typically don’t lose much as I keep a margin of safety in my purchases. So although some of the picks may not work out as planned, I have been able to do quite well on a complete portfolio basis.

Core portfolio (all stocks are planned to be equal wieghted even if they are not now)

Balmer lawrie
Gujarat gas
Lakshmi machine works
Bharat electronics
Ashok leyland
Asian paints
NIIT tech + Patni (in combination will be a single position)
Honda siel
Grindwell norton
GSK consumer (on watch list)

Graham style portfolio (smaller positions, cheap stocks)
Ultramarine pigments
India nippon
Manugraph (on watch list)
Cheviot company
HTMT global
Denso india

I may be building positions in some of these ideas in the subsequent months. I may also decide to drop some if I find more attractive ideas.

Added point: I am very particular about valuation (after everything else checks out) . I will rarely create a meaningful position unless the price is right. So please keep in mind that the analysis date is not the date on which i created a full position. It is only the date when I finished analysis. The average price in each case varies depending on when I started building the position.

I will not be disclosing anything more on my portfolio beyond what I have done already and I hope all of you would understand that.

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