I recently read the news on suspending AS11 accounting standards for the next 2 years in view of the dramatic changes in international markets. In the last one year, the rupee has suddenly depreciated from 40s level to 50s declining by more than 20% during this period. Most of the companies were caught by surprise as they did not expect the rupee to depreciate so sharply and hence are facing MTM (mark to market) losses for the current year.

AS11 is a standard for recognizing impact of forex changes on the company’s accounts. I have the discussed impact of forex changes in my discussion of NIIT tech. I have said the following in the past

The current quarter results show a bottom line drop of around 50%, mainly due to forex losses. I do not consider them as core losses (just as forex gains are not permanent gains). I have seen a lot of people get all worked up about forex losses, which does not make sense to me.

Unless the company is speculating on forex (via non effective hedges), I think the forex gains and losses should even out over the period of few years and hence one should be concentrating on the core profits to value the company.

As an example look at the results of the airlines such as southwest (in the US). Southwest airlines has been consistently profitable for the last 20+ years. They have had 2-3 quarters of hedging related losses due to oil price volatility. Do you think they have a problem in their core operations?

So if I have considered these losses to be temporary, akin to a bad bet, then why am I not applauding this temporary suspension of the standards?

The reason is simple – I want my companies to give me the true picture. Don’t fudge, whitewash or hide information from me (as an investor). Please tell me the whole truth and leave it to me to judge the impact of it. As investors we are smart enough (as a group) to judge the impact of forex changes on the long term economics of the companies and don’t need the companies to whitewash this information for me.

Now that we are in the territory of fantasy accounting, I have a few more proposals
–        Ignore cost increases of raw material when they become too high. When steel prices increase sharply, all auto and other companies should be allowed to ignore price increases
–        Ignore manpower costs and salary hikes. Allow all IT companies to ignore salary hikes in excess of 5%.
–        Ignore depreciation after a huge capex. Whenever the company puts up a new plant or makes a big accquisition, allow it to ignore depreciation and amortization expenses

I could go on and on. The above change is self serving and will only muddy up the numbers. It allows the companies to present the numbers in a good light and ignore reality. Is it a given that the rupee will appreciate to 40s level in 2 years and all will be great in the fantasy land?

I personally don’t care what companies report by suspending AR 11 for 2 years. I will personally adjust the numbers of the companies I have invested in or plan to, based on the forex changes.

I really wish I had this flexibility when I was studying !! I would have asked the examiners to ignore all the question I got wrong  and I would have always got 100% in all my exams 🙂 . Life would have been good !!

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