I typically do a detailed analysis of any company before committing a decent amount of money to the idea.

I have uploaded a detailed analysis of BEL (bharat electronics) and balmer lawrie in the past. I use this spreadsheet as a checklist and template for a detailed analysis. The spreadsheet is simple (though time consuming) and can be done by anyone. The spreadsheet ensures that I think through the idea in detail, but does not prevent me from making stupid decisions everytime.

It however takes a couple of days of complete this spreadsheet and in the end I post the summary of the analysis via a post on the idea. I have posted an analysis of LMW (lakshmi machine works) in the past and you can download the spreadsheet analysis from here. This spreadsheet was generated at the time i published the post on the company. Suggestion – do look at the sensitivity tab in the spreadsheet.

I have been toying with idea of how I can publish these spreadsheets on an ongoing basis. I have done them for free till date and am not interested in charging or making money off them. I actually find the idea of selling stock tips quite repelling.

At the same time I plan to leverage my work for other means such as charity. I am still working on that idea and will post in detail when I have done the necessary groundwork on it.

My plan is to connect with a well know charity and use my website and stock ideas to encourage contributions. If my blog and the stock ideas have been useful to readers, I hope they will contribute to a good cause in exchange. This will ofcourse be ‘voluntary’ and I have no plans of commercializing this blog, which is clearly a personal passion for me.

please feel free to leave a comment or email me on my plan.

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