Why does one have to focus on daily stock volumes. If I am small investor and confident that the I am buying a good company at a discount, how does the daily volumes matter?

How do elections matter ? have they mattered in the past ? how does the long term economics of a company such as Colgate palmolive change if congress comes to power ? Will I use more toothpaste if they came to power ?

Why do people base their  decision on CNBC or other financial channels ? do any of the anchors talk anything useful ? All that I can see is minute by minute commentary of what is happening in the market. Even the cricket commentators provide a more in depth analysis than these talking heads

Why do people base their investment decision based on brokerage report ? The best you can get from a brokerage report are some facts and data. The worst is to depend on their price targets. The same analysts cannot be a 100% sure of what will happen to him after 6 months, but can pin point a precise price target for a stock

Why people blame others and the stock market for the losses, but themselves for the gain ?

Why people constantly want to stock tips and think that the stock market is an easy way to make quick money, but know of no other activity in life that gives something for nothing?

Why every new investor in the bull market after investing for six months thinks he is the next Rakesh jhunjhunwala or warren buffett?

Why some investors after investing for a few months think they are smarter than a buffett or a jhunjhunwala if they make a mistake on a stock?

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