Lakshmi machine works
I have written on LMW earlier here. The domestic and export demand for the company has collapsed since then. The company is now running at 40% of its capacity. The company reported a 60% drop in topline and 76% drop in profits. Time to panic and sell the stock ? Not quite.

The market was pricing much worse earlier. For a period of few months, the company sold for almost its cash holdings without any value being given to any other assets.Now that the market has realised that the company is not headed for extinction, it has revalued the company to a certain extent.

At the same time, I do not have any illusions that the fundamentals of the company will suddenly turn completely. The company is in for some tough times till the demand returns back to the pre-crisis levels and accordingly the profit peak achieved over the last few years could take some time too.

However if one looks at the annual report, one can see that the company is doing a great job of managing the downturn. The company does not require much capex and has reduced the working capital too. The cash and equivalents are now up at almost 700 crs which comes to around 60% of the market. I personally don’t think the company is going bankrupt and hence plan to hold on.

Ashok leyland
I have written about the company earlier here and here. The company reported an almost 50% drop in sales and 80%+ drop in profits ( I like companies whose sales are dropping off the cliff :)).

If you are interested in the company, I would encourage you to see the latest presentation by the company here. The company has taken pains to detail out the problems and how they are coping with the recession.

Ashok leyland has also been hit severly by the downturn and credit crunch. Although the demand is now stabilizing, the current quarter and maybe the next will continue to be hit due to inventory liquidation. The company books sales when it sells to the dealers. The slowdown in the demand has resulted in high inventory with the dealers which needs to be worked out. The only worrying factor in the results is the loss of market shares in HCV, especially in the mid segment.

The company’s results will continue to be hit for atleast a few quarters due to the slowdown and due to the depreciation cost of the capex which was put in place for the expected demand last year. As in LMW, I don’t think the company is going bankrupt and hence plan to hold on. At the same time Ashok leyland is not as cheap as LMW

Hinduja global
I have written on Hinduja global earlier (see here and here). My main concern was the high cash holding of the company which is being maintained in foreign sub. The company has since then tried to clarify the above fact (details of the cash holding are provided in the last quarter’s result).

In addition the company came out with a higher dividend and fairly good results in Mar 2009. As a result the stock has almost doubled since then. In the current quarter, the company reported a topline growth of 30% and bottom line growth of almost 80%. The company continues to perform well. My hesitation in building a large position still continue to be the corporate governance issues, even though the company is cheap by objective standards.

Gujarat gas
I have written on gujarat gas earlier (see here ). The company reported Q2 numbers and i am fairly satisfied with the numbers. The company has been facing a supply issue due to lower level of supplies from two long term sources.

The Q1 results were hit considerably due to the above shortage. The company has been able to secure some supply in the spot market to meet some of the demand. The topline grew by around 10%, though the volume dropped by around 5% during the same period.The bottom line grew by more than 10% if one eliminates the one time gain in last year’s result.

The company is doing quite well and I expect the profit growth to improve once additional sources of supply are tied up. Finally, the company has declared a 1:1 bonus issue. This does not change anything fundamentally other than higher dividends in the future. However the market has reacted positively and pushed up the stock price.

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