Now that I have managed to irritate some of you, by rejecting stocks which you hold, let me push it still further J

Torrent cables: Erratic performance in the past. Loss in the current year and some years in the past.

TRF ltd: Negative cash flow. High accounts recievables being funded by supplier debt

Bharat bijlee: Poor cash flow. Rough estimate is 20% of net profit, hence the valuation is double the current PE. Fairly valued.

Allied digital services ltd: Raised new capital, majority of which has been used in accounts receivables

Ganesh housing: Fully valued or overvalued. Constantly raising capital for growth

Supreme industries: very low free cash flow and low margins.

UB engineering: Negative networth. Business turned around in the last 2-3 years.

Some quarterly results

Some of the companies, I hold currently have declared their quarterly results. A quick review and some thoughts

VST industries: The company reported a 40% increase in topline and 50% improvement in bottom line. Volume growth seems to be driving the top and bottom line in case of this company. I do not have access to the reasons behind it and hence it is difficult to evaluate the sustainability of the performance. I need to analyze if the growth is being driven by some new products as it is unlikely that the existing products would suddenly do so well.

Asian paints: The company is now firing on all cylinders. The company has reported a 100%+ growth in net profits. This has been a long term holding for me and as I have written in the past, I am also an ex-employee of the company. I am not surprised with the performance of the company. The company has a long history of good performance and has increased its market share and competitive advantage substantially in the last few years. The valuations of course reflect the strength of the company

NIIT tech: The company reported a 12% decline in topline and similar decline in the bottom line. The key reason behind it are the hedging losses. The company has been able to improve its operating margin during this period. There is nothing much to get excited in the current quarter results and with rupee appreciation, it is likely that the negative impact of the hedges will be reduced. I do not expect much in terms of the performance, which has clearly been a disappointment for me. I have marked down the intrinsic value of the company accordingly.

Maruti Suzuki: The company reported a 45% increase in topline and 90%+ improvement in net profits. The topline has been driven by domestic growth and major increase in exports. The bottom line has been driven by moderation of various commodity prices. The performance has been as expected in view the good monthly sales numbers and the stock price has already factored in this performance. As I have written earlier, I have started exiting this position.

I will be posting on the results of the other companies in the coming weeks as they are published and I am able to complete my review of the numbers.


  1. Gopinath says:


    Where do you screen for such a bargain opportunities?Especially for low cash/price & low book/price stocks? I would be able to contribute/help in some way if you would like.


  2. admin says:

    hi gopi
    i have a standard spreadsheet with various criteria. i use data from icici direct to generate the initial list and then filter further manually using this criteria. the data for the additional criteria such as 5 yr profit growth is available from other sites such as moneycontrol.
    most of the work is manual


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