The thing about a blog is that if you make an error in your analysis, especially a dumb one, it gets caught very quickly. I did not notice that HDFC floater LT has a 3% exit load. As a result, one of my conclusion in the previous post is invalid, if one is looking for parking short term funds. If however, the time horizon is more than 1.5 years, I think HDFC floater LT should turn out to be a decent option.

In  addition to the options posted in my previous post, it was pointed out that flexible deposits and sweep-in are  good options for short term funds. I agree with those comments completely. There may be a difference of +/- 1% point in terms of return between these various options, but unless you plan to invest 10 crores, I don’t think it will make a huge difference.

My personal preference when investing short term funds is for liquidity and safety of principal. Returns are important, but I will not compromise on the safety of my capital. A few percentage points is not worth the risk at all. I am a very conservative and risk averse investor in terms of debt and have always given high priority to the safety of principal.

Personal finance
This brings me to the next topic – personal finance. My own personal finance is split between equities, a little bit of debt instruments and cash. It is an idiosyncratic split reflection my personal needs. I will definitely not recommend it to others who may have different goals than mine.

I don’t consider real estate (primary home) as an investment. I find it completely stupid to think of my primary home as an investment. If my home appreciates by 50%, what will do with it ? sell it and go live in a forest ? A home is an expense and responsibility. A second or third home or apartment can be called as an investment, but that’s a different story.

I consider insurance as simply that – insurance. So I have never bought a ULIP or a hybrid policy which are instruments of fleecing the common man. I have bought term insurance to cover my liabilities and to secure my family.

Keeping it simple
I prefer to keep my personal finance structure simple and manageable. I prefer to low to non-existent risk on my debt and other investments. The only risk I like to carry is the one for which I am paid – equity risk.

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