Happy days are here again ! The index is at 20400 and will soon touch 22000 and then maybe 25000 or even 30000. The sky is the limit with India growing at 9%, and with a young population and all the other great factors working in its favor.

2008 was actually just a small bump on the way and the smart folks who bought during the downturn have made several times their investment. So the smart thing to do now is to load up on the small caps and midcaps as they have returned 100%+ returns in the last 2 years.

All the news channels are buzzing with hot new stocks and the smart thing to do is to watch these programs for tips and buy these stocks the next morning. The other day all those stock gurus and pundits were saying that now is the best time to buy as India has such a bright future ahead of it.

One should hold these stocks for a couple of days and sell it for a quick 10% profit. One only needs to do this a few times a year to make more than 100% on his or her investment. Actually, if you are really bullish, you should take on debt and dabble in options. Then the upside is unlimited and one should be able to retire in the next few months.

The problem with the news channel is that they don’t give the hottest tips. To get the hottest tips, one should join a penny stock service and use those tips to ‘play’ market. There is no time to waste on analyzing companies as most of these opportunities are available only for a short time and anyway who is planning to hold for more than a couple days ? So why bother !

It really does not matter that the IT stocks did badly after the 2000 bubble or the real estate stocks crashed in 2008. It is different this time!!!

Now is the time to get all excited and one should be fully invested, so that you don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Heck, all my friends are making money and now my milkman and dhobi is in the market too!!

Note: If you are new to the blog, I hope you have realized that this is a sarcastic post and the exact opposite of my views.

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  1. Tejas says:

    For a moment I thought that you had lost it.

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