A few of you may have noticed updates on my portfolio page. I don’t update this page on a real time basis, but it roughly reflects my current positions except for one stock.

I have been reviewing the Q2 numbers of most of my positions and have been satisfied with the performance of most of the companies. The results have come as expected in most of the cases. However there were a few surprises. Let me give a brief rundown on some of the changes in my portfolio and the quarterly results

The reductions
As I wrote in some of the previous posts, I have more or less exited most of the IT stocks such as NIIT tech, Patni computers and Infosys. Infosys performed better this quarter, growing in double digits. However I personally feel the stock is fairly priced and have exited the stock completely.

NIIT tech came out with decent numbers after a long time – mainly due to their BSF order. In addition they have been able to reduce the impact of their hedge positions. As a result the hedge related losses have reduced and the company posted decent results. I personally think the stock may be undervalued by around 20% at best. However I have reduced my position substantially.

In addition I have sold off Concor completely as I think the company is now fairly valued. I have been reducing the position for the last few years. This is a very interesting position for me. I bought this stock in 2003 when the company was selling at a PE of 5. I had been investing for a few years and could not figure out why the stock was so cheap when it was doing so well.

I created a position inspite of all the doubts. In hindsight I was too timid.

I have also started reducing ashok Leyland as I think the stock is now approaching fair value. The company is doing extremely well and firing on all cylinders. I remember looking at this stock at 11-15 levels and wondering how it could not be cheap?

I closed out my position in mayor uniquoters as I feel it is fully priced and my position was too small to begin with anyway. I have also been reducing my position in clariant chemicals as it is now close to fair value

Finally, I have started reducing one of my largest positions – Lakshmi machine works. The company is doing well, but is now close to fair value.

In case of all the above stocks, it is not divorce, but a temporary separation. If the price drops or the valuation becomes attractive, I will buy again.

The additions
This is a small section. I have been adding to my positions in Balmer lawrie, hinduja global, Patel airtemp, Ricoh india and FDC. The additions have happened over the last few months. However I have been a net seller than a buyer. The only major buying has been for Diwali πŸ™‚

The disappointments
BEL (bharat electronic limited) had a fairly poor quarter where their topline and bottom line dropped by double digits. I am however not too disturbed as they have quite a bit of a monopoly in the defence business and the revenue is not evenly distributed in each quarter (due to projects nature of the business).

I was also disappointed after I read the annual report of facor alloys. The company has passed several special resolutions to invest to the tune of 300+ crs in other sister firms, which are expanding into power and other businesses. I get fairly mad with this kind of diversifications. Needless to say, I plan to exit the stock in time irrespective of what happens to the business or the stock.

I had written about mangalam cement recently. As I was not confident enough, I never bought the stock. I was quite surprised to see a sudden 90%+ drop in the bottom line for the second quarter. This was a learning for me – companies with high operating leverage can see huge spikes in their bottom line. The fundamentals of the company are still intact, except that I would like to buy the stock at a time of extreme pessimism

Response rate
A few of you may be disappointed with my response time to emails and comments. Unfortunately like others, I also have a limited time and hence cannot devote more than a few hours a week on responding to comments and emails.

I will definitely read and respond to your email, but would ask you to be patient with me on that count.

A happy Diwali to all the readers


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    I have been benefited by your sharing of your thought process. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    Wishing you a happy Diwali.


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    thanks for your comment joseph
    a happy diwali to you too

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