About me

My name is Rohit Chauhan. I follow the value investing approach to picking stocks, which involves buying them at a discount to their fair value.

This blog is an online diary of my exploration of the craft and process of investing. In the 500+ posts on the blog, you will find analysis of numerous Indian companies and industries. I am a big fan of warren buffet, Charlie munger, Benjamin graham and other value investors.

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I do not provide stock recommendations and tips to buy or sell on this blog. All information on this blog is for educational purpose. I have been blogging on investing for the last 12 years on my blog on blogger – valueinvestorindia. This website is a mirror (copy) of that blog.

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The stocks discussed on the blog and each post is for educational and discussion purposes only and are not recommendations to buy or sell stocks. I may or may not have a position in the stocks discussed on this blog. For any investment decision, please contact a certified investment advisor.